Good idea to always double check that there's been no changes to our schedule.

Pray with us:

Please check that there has been no last minute changes to the schedule.

Shacharis/Morning Services:
Sunday - Friday: 8:00 am
Shabbos: 10:00am. Minyan starts on time with the first Kaddish.

Mincha/Afternoon Services:
Occasionally there is a mincha minyan, please call in advance to confirm.
On Fridays & Shabbos we have a mincha minyan. Call 845-331-1176 for more info.

Maariv/Evening Services:
There is no Maariv services during the week.
Friday & Shabbos we have a maariv minyan. Call 845-331-1176 for more info.

We look forward to davening with you:)