Living Waters
The tradition of Mikvah and the laws of Family Purity are central to Jewish life. Discover more about the tradition that can become a rich and fulfilling part of your marriage.
Welcome to our Mikvah

The Mikvah is open by appointment only.

Appointments should be made 72 hours before.

In case you need immediate assistance please call or text Rebbetzin Leah at (845) 399-1573.

If you are running late, please notify us with ample time. Please be mindful that our Mikvah staff are working their evening around you.

The Mikvah is located across from the Shul which is located at 254 Lucas Avenue, Kingston, NY 12401.  It is the second building in on Vorhees (a grey building).  

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The fee for each Mikvah visit is $36.00.  

Appointments are made online via the online form. When making an appointment payments should be made via credit or debit card. We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover).

Mikvah Ma'ayan Chai
Named in Memory of Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka Schneerson.
Ma'ayan Chai means a "Living Well." We gave it this name because a mikvah serves as a living well of blessing to Jewish life.
Ma'ayan = Well
Chai = Life (Same as Chaya, from the Rebbetzin's name.)
Learn more about Mikvah
For general Mikvah knowledge click here.
For a more in-depth Mikvah learning  about this great Mitzvah, please contact one of our Rebbetzin's or Rabbi's.